Helping keep your fireplace clean & safe

An unswept chimney can lead to home fires or threaten your home with dangerous unhealthy indoor air quality.
We will inspect, clean, and repair your fireplace or wood burning stove. Proper maintenance is vital to maintain a safe and efficient chimney. A Clean Fireplace is a safe fireplace.
Modern Fireplace - Fireplace in Lake Hopatcong, NJ
  • Animal Removal from Chimney
  • Chimney-Related Leak Repair
  • Fireplace Building, Installation, & Repair
  • Chimney Cleaning & Sweeping
  • Chimney Liner Installation & Repair
  • Chimney Cap Replacement & Repair
  • Damper Replacement & Repair
  • Chimney Repointing
  • Chimney Flashing Installation & Repair
  • Chimney Masonry Repair